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Thanks to all who participated in the SABSOSA 2021 Competition.

There were 377 entries judged and 117 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stAlan RowlandNEIPA12.1: New England IPA [BJCP 21B]

Best of Show – Mead

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
2ndRafael AragonLeatherwood Batch 219.3: Sweet Mead [BJCP M1C]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Best Brewer of Show (92 Participating Brewers)

1stBrendan Macey2108 South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndGreg Wieder2017 South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Low Alcohol (13 entries)

1stNicholas HauschildAmerican Light Lager 1.1: Light Australian Lager [AABC]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndDaniel DavenportAll Night Long Lager1.5: German Leichtbier [BJCP 5A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdAndrew HowlettBrown Ale1.7: Ordinary Bitter [BJCP 11A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 2: Pale Lager (28 entries)

1stAlistair MurrayAl's Summer Lager2.4: International Pale Lager [BJCP 2A]
2ndChris PodgerLager 12.1: Australian Lager [AABC]
3rdAlan RowlandCzech Pilsener2.8: Czech Premium Pale Lager [BJCP 3B]

Table 3: Amber and Dark Lager (15 entries)

1stJames AnsellJimmy Ansell3.3: Munich Dunkel [BJCP 8A]
2ndTroy DennisSchwarzbier3.7: Schwarzbier [BJCP 8B]
3rdMatt LaubeSchwarzbier3.7: Schwarzbier [BJCP 8B]

Table 4: Pale Ale (13 entries)

1stAlex HaywardPork Knuckle Kolsch4.3: Kolsch [BJCP 5B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndPaul BrannanKolsch4.3: Kolsch [BJCP 5B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdGreg WiederSparkling4.5: Australian Sparkling Ale [BJCP 12B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 5: American Pale Ale (23 entries)

1stJames KilleyLaverack Pale5.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]
2ndMichael Handran-SmithAmerican Pale Ale 5.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdCraig BlesingCraig Blesing5.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 6: Bitter Ale (16 entries)

1stNicholas HauschildAltbier6.5: Altbier [BJCP 7B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndPeter BradshawBb6.3: Best Bitter [BJCP 11B]
3rdRussell SaintEnglish Bitter6.3: Best Bitter [BJCP 11B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 7: Brown Ale (28 entries)

1stGreg WiederEnglish Brown7.5: British Brown Ale [BJCP 13B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndJames AnsellJimmy Ansell7.6: American Brown Ale [BJCP 19C]
3rdMartin Short
Co-Brewer: Tim Heneker
American Brown Ale7.6: American Brown Ale [BJCP 19C]

Table 8: Porter (23 entries)

1stPeter BradshawBp8.3: Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]
2ndBrendan MaceyMorning Brown 2.08.2: American Porter [BJCP 20A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdJames AnsellJimmy Ansell8.1: English Porter [BJCP 13C]

Table 9: Stout (27 entries)

1stStewart GardenLochaber No More9.1: Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndBlake QuinneyBaby Stout9.4: Irish Extra Stout [BJCP 15C]
3rdChris KeaneNitro Leprechaun9.2: Irish Stout [BJCP 15B]

Table 10: Strong Stout (22 entries)

1stMark WoodsRussian Imperial Stout10.4: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndBrett BackhousePerlubie the Great 10.4: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]
3rdJordan StearnesStout10.2: Foreign Extra Stout [BJCP 16D]

Table 11: India Pale Ale (12 entries)

1stBrendan MaceyDitch Hopper11.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndCraig BlesingCraig Blesing 11.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdGerard FlynnSure Why Not Try11.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 12: Specialty IPA (35 entries)

1stAlan RowlandNEIPA12.1: New England IPA [BJCP 21B]
2ndDamien Snigg
Co-Brewer: Owen Ridgwell
Moist Lips Double IPA12.8: Double IPA [BJCP 22A]
3rdBrenton GeorgeBlack IPA12.7: Black IPA [BJCP 21B]

Table 13: Wheat and Rye Ale (12 entries)

1stBruce Tonkin#59 Witbier13.2: Witbier [BJCP 24A]
2ndLuke ScrivensThunderbrew Hefeweizen13.1: Weissbier [BJCP 10A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdLachlan JohnsonWit Sundayz13.2: Witbier [BJCP 24A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 14: Sour Ale (14 entries)

1stChristopher KerrWhite Peach Australian Wild Ale14.9: Mixed Fermentation Sour [BJCP 28] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndAlistair MurrayPatience14.4: Lambic [BJCP 23D]
3rdThomas PonttRubus Deliciosus14.9: Mixed Fermentation Sour [BJCP 28]

Table 15: Belgian Ale (25 entries)

1stGerard FlynnAlways Wanting More15.2: Biere de Garde [BJCP 24C] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndCraig BlesingCraig Blesing 15.8: Belgian Dark Strong Ale [BJCP 26D]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdDaniel DavenportHeart of Glass Belgian Blondie Ale15.4: Belgian Blond Ale [BJCP 25A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 16: Strong Ales and Lagers (18 entries)

1stGreg WiederBarley Wine16.7: English Barleywine [BJCP 17D]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndCraig BlesingCraig Blesing16.6: American Strong Ale [BJCP 22B]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdDaniel DavenportLizzy the First Imperial Red16.4: British Strong Ale [BJCP 17A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 17: Fruit/Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer (20 entries)

1stBrendan MaceySour Puss17.1: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndJames EdwardsElder Flower Saison17.2: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdChris MarciniakSteady As She Gose17.1: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 18: Specialty Beer (24 entries)

1stLuke BeardBeautiful Scar 18.4: Wood Aged Beer [BJCP 33A] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndMark WoodsRedgum Smoked Porter18.2: Classic Style Smoked Beer [BJCP 32A] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdRafael AragonI Found One Bottle of A Fruited Oak Aged Wild Ale From Last Year So I Decided To Enter It Instead of Drink It.18.9: Experimental Beer [BJCP 34C] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 19: Mead (7 entries)

1stRafael AragonLeatherwood Batch 219.3: Sweet Mead [BJCP M1C]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndRafael AragonCherry and Raspberry Batch 219.4: Fruit Mead [BJCP M2] South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdDov SpinksMead As A Hatter19.5: Fruit Spice Mead [BJCP M3A]

Table 20: Cider (2 entries)

1stNick McAuleyCider20.1: New World Cider [BJCP C1A]South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndBruce Tonkin#94 Cider 20.1: New World Cider [BJCP C1A]