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Thanks to all who participated in the SABSOSA 2019.

There were 339 entries judged and 110 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show winner(s) have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

Winning Entries

Category 1: LOW ALCOHOL (<4%ABV) (9 entries)

1stGary WatersLight Cask Roaster1.4: Dark MildSABC
2ndGreg WiederDark Mild1.4: Dark MildSouth Australian Brewing Club
3rdLuke ScrivensDark Mild1.4: Dark MildSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 2: PALE LAGER (16 entries)

1stWolfgang TrenklerHelles2.4: Munich HellesSouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndWolfgang TrenklerGerman Pils2.7: German PilsSouth Australian Brewing Club
3rdAlistair MurrayPilsner Uroqu-Al2.7: German Pils

Category 3: AMBER AND DARK LAGER (15 entries)

1stAlistair MurrayDunk-Al3.3: Munich Dunkel
2ndPeter TavernerMarzen3.5: Marzen
3rdThomas MichlMozart's Timeout3.4: Vienna LagerSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 4: PALE ALE (13 entries)

1stPeter WinchBrugge Pale Ale4.4: Belgian Pale Ale
2ndThomas MichlXxx-Blonde Ale4.2: Blonde AleSouth Australian Brewing Club
3rdRafael AragonCream Ale4.1: Cream AleSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 5: AMERICAN PALE ALE (33 entries)

1stLiam YorkePale Ale5.1: American Pale AleSouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndTim MilottiSouth Pacific Ale5.1: American Pale Ale
3rdAdrian ReichDr Keneth Noisewater5.1: American Pale AleSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 6: BITTER ALE (24 entries)

1stBrendan MacEyAmbersnob6.4: American Amber AleSouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndGreg WiederBest Bitter6.3: Best BitterSouth Australian Brewing Club
3rdChris PodgerPunk Rock Golden Ale6.2: English Golden Ale

Category 7: BROWN ALE (20 entries)

1stBrenton SchoemakerCitizens Arrest7.5: English Brown AleSouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndStewart GardenStewart's Export7.2: Scottish Export
3rdAdrian Reich3 Fiddy 7.6: American Brown AleSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 8: PORTER (17 entries)

1stJeff CroserBlack Adder Black Ale8.2: American Porter
2ndPeter TavernerDp8.2: American Porter
3rdPeter BradshawBaltic Porter8.3: Baltic Porter

Category 9: STOUT (25 entries)

1stBruce Tonkin#75gf: Sweet Stout9.1: Sweet Stout
2ndMark ReedBody Armour9.1: Sweet Stout
3rdPeter TavernerMalen Kiy9.4: Irish Extra Stout

Category 10: STRONG STOUT (19 entries)

1stJulien GibsonRis10.4: Imperial StoutSouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndJeff CroserMake America Great Stout10.3: American Stout
3rdGlen PhillisFes10.2: Foreign Extra StoutSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 11: INDIA PALE ALE (24 entries)

1stBrendan MacEyDitch Hopper IPA11.2: American IPASouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndBen CooneyBen Cooney 11.2: American IPA
3rdJohn Van der ZalmAmerican IPA11.2: American IPASouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 12: SPECIALTY IPA (28 entries)

1stLiam YorkeNeipa12.1: New England IPA South Australian Brewing Club
2ndDavid BillsNative Son Clone12.8: Double IPA
3rdBrendan MacEyTime Triipa12.8: Double IPASouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 13: WHEAT &RYE ALE (14 entries)

1stJohn Van der ZalmDunkels Weissbier13.3: Dunkels WeissbierSouth Australian Brewing Club
2ndCraig MilnesWeizenbock 113.6: Weizenbock South Australian Brewing Club
3rdLachlan JohnsonBack To the Wit13.2: WitbierSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 14: SOUR ALE (8 entries)

1stGary WatersIntentionally Uncarbonated14.4: LambicSABC
2ndAli HoldenMangose14.2: GoseSouth Australian Brewing Club
3rdNeill Gardner Blonde London Tart14.9: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer South Australian Brewing Club

Category 15: BELGIAN ALE (29 entries)

1stBruce Tonkin#68ba: Belgian Blond Ale15.4: Belgian Blond Ale
2ndJulien GibsonDouble Dubbel15.8: Belgian Dark Strong AleSouth Australian Brewing Club
3rdLuke O'Brien
Co-Brewer: Jeremy Wohling
Tripel Dubbel15.5: Belgian DubbelSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 16: STRONG ALES &LAGERS (11 entries)

1stPeter BradshawWee Heavy16.1: Wee Heavy
2ndPeter BradshawOld Ale16.5: Old Ale
3rdJohn Van der ZalmAmerican Strong16.6: American Strong AleSouth Australian Brewing Club

Category 17: FRUIT/SPICE/HERB/VEGETABLE BEER (15 entries)

1stTim Milotti
Co-Brewer: Mat Milotti
Viking Sahti17.2: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndTim MilottiBlonde Passion17.1: Fruit Beer
3rdGary WatersSnugglepot and Cuddlepie17.1: Fruit Beer SABC

Category 18: SPECIALTY BEER (19 entries)

1stGary WatersGrizzette18.9: Experimental Beer SABC
2ndPeter TavernerGaume18.6: Belgian Specialty Ale
3rdPaul Sparkes
Co-Brewer: Mark Reed, Robert Ruedas
In My Darkest Hour18.5: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer South Australian Brewing Club